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If I buy a new motherboard that has support for Quad Core processors (specifically Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2) can I install my P4 that I'm currently using in that board until I can afford a quad core? I'm not sure what the FSB is on my P4 but the board says it supports 1333MHz and I'm sure it's not that fast.

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Its more a matter of socket

by Dumphrey In reply to FSB

type the FSB. I would be very surprised if your P4 worked in that board....
One option is to buy the board and wait to get the processor, build the box over about 3 or 4 months. Not instant gratification, but makes paying easier :)

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by bobbyglitter9 In reply to Its more a matter of sock ...

according to cpuz the fsb is 800 MHz

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Socket Type Is the Key

by TheChas In reply to Its more a matter of sock ...

I agree that the socket type of your old CPU is the key. Most Pentium 4 are socket 478 processors. No way, will it fit the LGA socket for the quad core CPU.

I suggest that you buy the lowest cost CPU that fits your new motherboard and then buy the quad core when you can afford it.


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Yes you can..

Here is some more info on your new motherboard:


Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Thank you

by bobbyglitter9 In reply to Yes you can..

I appreciate the info, I forgot to look on their website! What do you think of this board? It suits my needs, except the memory it supports is kind of slow, although I mainly need processor power, for converting video and things of that nature.

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If yo uare converting video then..

You might need to go for 64bit operating system, this will give you full access of your memory, instead of 4gb of ram you will be able to us the full 8gb of ram if you put that amount in. And in 64bit Windows operating system it will be able to support 32bit programs, though i have not tested this as yet.
The motherboard in question is ok. Though i go for ASUS commando/striker or P5K. But then these are more expensive. Hope all works out for you..

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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