FSRM w/ Exchange

By LoonIT ·
Hello everyone,
I am wondering if anyone can tell me about FSRM in conjunction with Exchange. In particular, what I am trying to do is have my file server send an e-mail when a user goes over their soft quota limit, or when reports are ran, or file screening. I have gone through the steps of setting up the e-mail to the point of where the test e-mail works. Once I schedule a report or someone goes over 85% of there quota I get nothing. I set up the dummy e-mail ( in Exchange as well as an Active Directory account to get it to work, now it almost seems as though there maybe some authentication somewhere, or something that is blocking FSRM from sending out an e-mail to all administrators. If anyone has gone through this, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: FSRM w/ Exchange

Have you tried this below......

Configure E-mail Notifications
Updated: August 22, 2005

When you create quotas and file screens, you have the option of sending e-mail notifications to users when their quota limit is approaching or after they have attempted to save files that have been blocked. If you want to routinely notify certain administrators of quota and file screening events, you can configure one or more default recipients.

To send these notifications, you must specify the SMTP server to be used for forwarding the e-mail messages.
To configure e-mail options


In the console tree, right-click File Server Resource Manager, and then click Configure options. The File Server Resource Manager Options dialog box opens.


On the E-mail Notifications tab, under SMTP server name or IP address, type the host name or the IP address of the SMTP server that will forward e-mail notifications.


If you want to routinely notify certain administrators of quota or file screening events, under Default administrator recipients, type each e-mail address.

Use the format account@domain. Use semicolons to separate multiple accounts.


To test your settings, click Send Test E-mail.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Got it; Thanks

by LoonIT In reply to Re: FSRM w/ Exchange

Hello, I appreciate your taken the time to respond to my question. Originally I was able to configure all of which I needed in order to send a test e-mail. The test e-mail sent just fine to everyone on the distribution list. Where I was running into trouble was authentication through exchange. Although test e-mails would reach their destination, regularly scheduled reports never did. What I ended up having to do, is to disable basic authentication on the Exchange Server.

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It is nice to know.........

That you have got it working. Sounds like a bit of a problematic machine.

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