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FTC reports 2 stolen laptops

By Nathank ·
The Federal Trade Commission has reported that two of their laptops have been stolen, leaving 110 more people at risk of identity theft.

Now 110 is absolutely minute compared to other numbers (26.5 in particular) but the fact that the US commission responsible for protecting us from fraud and identity theft is now making dumb mistakes with their laptops. It is so difficult to feel safe these days, and this just adds insult to injury.

If the FTC had used remote laptop security they would not have to worry about a thing because the laptops would be useless to the criminals.

This has to be a moral vistory for hackers because they made the FTC look like complete hypocrites with laptop security. I just don't get why people continue to carry around important laptops with information on it, you'd think they would have learned from the 100+ thefts lately....

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Utterly Reprehensible

by cvestal In reply to FTC reports 2 stolen lapt ...

Yeah, it is great to get a letter from the Veteran's Administration stating that your identity information could have been compromised.

It is so easy to encrypt folders and their contents, was there no money in the budget to equip and train, or is it just pure incompetence on the part of the "civil servants" involved?


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Lack of care if you ask me

by Nathank In reply to Utterly Reprehensible

Encrypting files is fast, easy, and cheap these days. Products run at under 60 bucks for a years usage. Does not sound like an arm and a leg if what you are protecting is data that could potentially lead to severe issues.

Companies and the Gov't simply have not put enough effort or care into this process and that needs to change.

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