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by deangk In reply to FTP

Sorry, I am having problems with FTP Win2000 server I keep getting the following error.
Status: Connecting: ftp data socket 10.10.40.xx
Error:cant Connect to remote server, Socket error #10060
Error:Failed to establish data socket

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Need more info

by road-dog In reply to TRY AGAIN

Are you having a problem connecting to an FTP server, or initializing an FTP server.

Are you trying to onnect using socket 10060? If so you might try socket 21, the well known socket for FTP. The 10.x.x.x address looks like NAT. Are you trying toconnect to or from or within the NAT network?

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by tbragsda In reply to TRY AGAIN

What FTP client are you using. Try another. If using a WIN client, use the dos based client.

Roaddog has it right, it most likley on port #024.

Are you in the 10.x.x.x network? Are you on the seg 10.10.40.x?

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Amen to need more info ....

by bootstrap In reply to TRY AGAIN

... but it "sounds" like you are on an internal network, can see the server, can make the control channel session, but "fail to establish ... (the) ... data socket."

The data socket is on port 20 on the server, on a random port from the client.
It could be a lot of things - and won't chase any more strawmen down. Review all settings, check firewall (make sure some dynamic ports are open and linked to FTP control port) if any, .... and try to give more complete picture here!!

Good luck.

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