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    FTP Authentication


    by dlomas ·

    I am setting up an FTP server and I want people to have to authenticate to gain access. I can get it so that it will ask for username and password but when I put in a known password that is good. It doesn’t give me access? I am using Windows 2000with no other FTP server software. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or where I can go for instructions on setting the permissions?


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      FTP Authentication

      by ewgny ·

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      Create a local user on the Win2k Server. Make sure you give the user NTFS permissions on the FTP folder.

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      FTP Authentication

      by thegeneral ·

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      Make sure you have added the user to the security permissions for the folder used for the FTP location. Then when you access the ftp site try putting the domain name and username in this format:
      Then the password for that USERNAME,when asked for a username and password.

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      Reply To: FTP Authentication

      by eminent87 ·

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      I just recently resolve the same issue you’re having. You need to give the user the right to “log on locally.” To do so go to Administrative tools > local security policy. Then expand local policies and go to user rights assignment then double click on “log on locally” and add the user in there. I also did the same thing for Domain controller sercurity policy too and it worked.

      Don’t forget to restart IIS when you’re all done setting permission.

      If you need information on how to setup individual folder for user so that they can use their own account to log on and see only what’s in their folder, you can email me and I’ll be more than happy to walk you through. Hope this help!

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