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By tlreeise ·
I am desperately looking for someone to help me connect to my FTP site. My employer upgraded their FTP knocking several people off. Everyone except for myself have been able to reconnect. I have tried many things to try to reconncect. I have updated my Norton Antivirus, I have called my IP provider (Comcast) and they say there is nothing they can do to change the router or ports. I have tried a different FTP site. I was using WiseFTP and have also tried CuteFTP. If there is ANY help at all that anyone can give me I would very much appreciate it. I am not that computer literate so any answer needs to be without too much computer jargon. I am a medical transcriptionist and use an FTP site to access voice files.

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by hadi.rj In reply to FTP Connection

May be you install a firewall in your system !!to check if you can connect in command prompt "c>FTP" or "C>telnet 21" and check if you have been asked for username and password or the conncetion will be terminated, if you asked for the user and password that mean all things OK !!

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Re: Hi

by tlreeise In reply to hi

Thanks for your reply. I will try that and see what happens!


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FTP Problems

by countupir In reply to FTP Connection

The above answer that Hadi gave is a good first step and without any error messages or a walk-thru of your problems that is where you will have to start. When you get the response from the FTP command and the Telnet command Hadi suggested list your steps for all future posts.

Also if you have Norton's Internet Security, dump it and get an Anti-virus only solution. WinXP SP2 and better have firewalls built in.

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by sendilkumar29 In reply to FTP Connection

Are you trying for download/uploads YOU can try with leech FTP ..need any clarification just mail me at

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by tlreeise In reply to FTP

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what you are talking about. An explanation and instructions would be great!

Theresa Reeise

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