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    FTP Directory


    by stngfan1 ·

    I have a specific user name I want to log in as using FTP. It now logs into a directory under the root. I want to change it to the root of the drive.

    The default FTP directory is the root of the drive. For some reason when I log in as this user it goes back to the folder. If I log in as another FTP user it goes to the right place.

    Any Ideas what I’m missing here.

    This is a Windows 2000 server with SP4, AD.

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      by jakeg ·

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      Create a virtual FTP directory under the default FTP site, named the same as the username. Point the directory to where you want it to go.

      In the user’s properties (computer manager or AD users and computers) set the user’s home directory to this path as well.

      Verify that the user has the proper NTFS permissions to this directory and all should be good.


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      by stngfan1 ·

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