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FTP errors

By Travis Smith ·
I can access my ftp site on a windows 2003 server with Windows XP SP1 but not SP2. I also tried from windows 2000 it works fine. I know I am missing something but cannot find out what any help would be appreciated

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by In reply to FTP errors


SP2 turns on the Windows Firewall by default. This was not true in SP1. I suspect you did not have the "Internet Connection Firewall" turned on before you upgraded to SP2. Correct?

The firewall will interfere with "active" FTP connections like those made with the Windows FTP command. You have several options to get around this:

1. Use a 3rd party FTP command that supports "passive" connections. The Windows FTP command cannot do this.
2. Use Internet Explorer as your FTP client and configure it to use "passive" mode. IE's FTP supports "passive" but you must tell it to do so.
3. Turn off the Windows "Internet Connection Firewall".

To configure IE to use "passive" FTP:
In IE: Tools->Internet Options->Advanced Tab->Browsing Section->Use Passive FTP checkbox

To disable the firewall:
1. Open "Network Connections" from the Control Panel.
2. Right click on the icon for your NIC and choose Properties.
3. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
4. Uncheck the checkbox for the "Internet Connection Firewall". Click OK.

Did this fix it for you?

Best Regards,

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Pro Bono Software free for personal use

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by house In reply to FTP errors

I've had problems with windows firewall and ftp. I've tried using IE, FireFTP for Firefox, and Filezilla... I've added exceptions, opened ports, etc. Ok... so I'm going through two firewalls, (paranoid after VM exploit and attack - I've locked down x now too) but the problem lies in Windows. I always pull it down for a brief second to connect, but I'd rather not.

This has been my solution thus far, but if you find a way around this, please leave a comment when you close the question.


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by house In reply to

I've tried the passive FTP trick on my end too, but no dice.

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by house In reply to

A permissions error? What is the web server? What is the exact error? Plain text or encrypted login? Are you going through a proxy?

...What is the exact error? I thought you were timing out? Have you tried both methods... wait for prompt and user:pass@blah.huh... tried logging into server url or the extension with your folder name?

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by Travis Smith In reply to FTP errors

Actually no it did not fix it, I am getting a folder permissions error which I have configured and it works from win 2000 or XP SP1 but the SP2 has some permissions problem I cannot seem to get figured out. It just times out on the ftp site.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to FTP errors

Open IIS Manager and check the settings for FTP, I have found that r/w access may not be set under Home Directory properties of the Default FTP Site.

Also NTFS permissions for the FTP folder may also need adjusting for Users or Everyone if allowing Anonymous access.

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by LukCAD In reply to FTP errors

Look at this picture, please :

You need to adjust Passive ftp for your IE.

It is short explanation of "Passive FTP":
Specifies to use passive FTP, which does not require your (local)
machine to know its Internet IP address. Some network configurations
will only work with passive mode turned on, while others will
only work with passive mode turned off.
This feature allows you to select which mode to use for compatibility
with your network settings. Most network configurations will support both modes.
The passive FTP mode is considered more secure.

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by Travis Smith In reply to FTP errors

I have tried all these suggestions and still no luck. LIke I said it works from pre XP SP2 so I am sure it has something to do with that I am continuing my efforts. Any help still appreciated exact error is : an error occurred opening that folder on the FTP Server. Make Sure you have access permissions to that folder. Details Operation Timed Out

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Windows 2003 FTP Server...

by DaShard_z In reply to

I have similar issues that are very annoying...

Mac FTP Clients/Users and Windows/PC Users can up and download smaller - under 30MB - files to the Win2003 FTP Server just fine.

When Mac Users only (Fetch FTP client) attempt a larger file upload (75MB or more) then the upload slows right down and times out for no good reason.

Is the only answer to use an apache server? - Just kidding but what on earth is the deal?
I only have Port 21 TCP opened on the Win2003 FTP Server firewall. Should I be opening up other ports?

This is only an FTP Server and is publicly exposed. Should I turn off the Window sFirewall (ICS) ???


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