FTP Folder security in IIS

By chad.klunk ·

I have an FTP site running on IIS v6.

I am wondering how I can allow users to only see certain files. I was thinking that isolation may be the way, but I would want certain users to be able to access multiple files...for example:

I have files of
File 1
File 2
File 3
File 4

if I have users:
User 1
User 2
User 3

How would I allow user 1 to access files 2 and 4 without them being able to see files 1 and 3?

the only way I can think of is to either use isolation, and then the user would need the user account credentials in order to access each file...or to not use isolation and just lock the folders down, in which case the user will be able to access files 2 and 4, but will be able to see files 1 and 3.

Overall, I'm trying to create an FTP site that different users can log into and based on there user id they can access certain folders, but the folders they aren't allowed to see should not be displayed in the ftp client.


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