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FTP from home & office on Broadband.

I have two broadband accounts, one for home and one for office. I currently use PC Anywhere on a dial-up to back up my files.

I would like to use my broadband accounts, but with dynamic IP addresses it seems FTP would not work.

How can I transfer files over the internet without an FTP server in between? Would routers allow me to see my other machine over the internet?

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technicly it can work

by mrjay67 In reply to FTP from home & office o ...

Just because its dynamic doesnt mean it cant work. The problem may be that it will change to a new address. You can still get to a PC that is dynamicly assignes an IP. In fact if the PC is left on most of the time the IP is unlikely to change. If you do turn them off or notice that the IP address changes there are websites that can setup a static name that auto updates new ip info for your setup. Unfortunatly I dont remember the sites right now.
In short as long as your addresses are public you can get there regardless of them being dynamic. Just use what ever your cable company has provided you.
From a run cmd in start menu you should be able to type \\x.x.x.x\<share> and open the folder you want(x= ip address). You could also map a drive to the share so its always available.

Hope this makes sense and is helpfull


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IP routing

by cmarion In reply to FTP from home & office o ...

Most dynamic IP addresses are private or non-routable. In this case you can set up FTP but can only access it through the same ISP. Example; if your FTP server uses the ACME ISP for internet access, only computers that use the ACME ISP will be ableto see your FTP server. Any other computer using a different ISP will not see your FTP server. It doesn't matter if your Dynamic IP never changes, if it's a non-routable IP it won't be seen from other ISP's. To fix this problem you need a routable static IP address. How do I know? Been there done that!

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