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    FTP from Win2003 Server


    by allan13 ·

    On a Windows 2003 Server I can not access my FTP server over the Internet using the standard built in Internet Explorer browser. However I can access and use my FTP server from a command prompt on the same Windows 2003 Server. I have already tried adding my FTP servers internet address to the list of trusted sites. Any suggestions on using the browser to access an FTP site on Win 2K3 Server?

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      by allan13 ·

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      by [yg]sharza ·

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      There are several things you should check…

      1. if you’re goin through a firewall, that the ports for passive FTP are all open.

      2. if you’re using the built-in FTP service, that you have assigned the user rights neccessary for being allowed to login and access the site. This wont apply if you’ve logged in as admin on the local machine, then you will have all rights by default, and therefore there is no problem with accessing the FTP site locally.

      3. If you’re using a 3rd party FTP server daemon, remember to check for IP access restrictions, which also apply for built-in FTP service, however a little different.

      4. If you’re accessing the FTP site and anonymous access is disabled, and IE doesnt show up a login dialog, try addressing a user account on the FTP server contained within the address… e.g.

      This is something to check… I’ve worked with ton’s of FTP servers, but beware, getting the built in FTP service to work correctly, with correct user permissions etc. is extremely difficult!

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