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By BorgInva ·
I am using on XP Pro IIS to host a website at home. Using a DNS syncher to synch the IP.
People go to my site with no problem.

I am trying to get an FTP working. I once used Bulletproof and had to give people the IP each time. Now I am trying to do it in IIS. I have it set up in IIS on defaults. I tested it in DOS (ftp localhost) on the local PC and on a local networked PC at

So it worked locally but what and how can I create a link on my website for people to access this FTP? I tried to test externally using but it times out.

What do I have to do in IIS and in the HTML to create a link so when people go to my site, they can click the link, enter in a login/password, and have access to files?

I spent some time looking in engine searches but nothing comes close to what I am looking for.

Please help. Thank you and God bless.

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by PramodPatil In reply to FTP/IIS/Website

for ftp you need 21,22 ports opened. Please let us know what other firewall rules you have.

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by BorgInva In reply to

Sorry. Ports and firewalls are not the issue. I need to know how to put a link on my site (hosted in MS IIS) that links to the FTP also on my IIS.
I want to make it when someone gets to http://whatever, they see a link called FTP. They click it, add in login, and get connected to my FTP.
And if anyone else asks, my ports are open when I want them to be, and my firewalls (yes, plural) will be configured correctly when the time comes. I just need to know how to link the FTP on my website. That is all.

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by BorgInva In reply to FTP/IIS/Website

Oh, and if this helps, the FTP will be using the default 21 and the website is currently using port 1701, so my site name is and I just want a link on the site to send them to the FTP.

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by BorgInva In reply to FTP/IIS/Website

After getting the FTP to work (using IE for tests was a waste. I used the FREE SmartFTP), I was able to just create a link on my site called and it worked! It was that simple.

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by BorgInva In reply to FTP/IIS/Website

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