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FTP Issues

By brian ·
Ok, here's my layout. A DSL connection to Qwest. ActionTec DSL Modem connected to a LinkSys wireless router connected to the LAN. On the LAN we a have a Mandrake box running Squid, Webmin and ProFTPD. I opted to install two "local" NIC's in the Mandrake server to split the Squid load between cached and non-cached pages. One is on x.x.x.250 and the other is on x.x.x.251.

I can VNC into our internal hosts without issue. I can get into Webmin on the Mandrake box remotely without issue. However, I can't get a "clean" FTP connection to that box, remotely. I get a "no route to host" error although it allows me to login and authenticate. The LinkSys unit is setup to allow FTP through. My client is SmartFTP with passive mode on.

Any ideas?


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by valis In reply to FTP Issues

my guess is that the problem lies with your modem and linksys router.

i looked up some of those modems, and they are routers in themselves. usualy designating a 192.168.x.x address. this means basically, that it's doing NAT already. then the packets get tossed to the linksys, which nat's them AGAIN, and sends them on to your computers.

check your modem, and see if you can configure it to brige, and NOT route.

basically, you have a router, going to a router, a very less than optimal situation.


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by peeyush_maurya In reply to FTP Issues

- r u trying to connect to ftp on client machine or on mandrake....
if u r connecting through client then ur squid proxy ip and port address in ftp client wont work and will give u the exact error that u r receiving....reason....squid is a web/http proxy .

use transparent masq

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by Choppit In reply to FTP Issues

Some of the Linksys routers need to forward TCP ports 20 AND 21 to the FTP server to allow access.

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