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By pysces83 ·
Got a bit of a weird problem and it's now driving me mad.

Some of our staff need to connect to an external FTP server to update information on a website. However, they cannot connect to the site (tried using Dreamwever's own FTP client, Windows, IE, FireFox, Commandline and FileZilla).

Strangely, we can access other external FTP servers (including my personal server at home), but not this one. I can access this "problem" FTP server from my house.

I have disabled Windows Firewall, and have put in an outgoing rule to allow ports 20 and 21 in our corporate Firewall.

Our LAN sits behind a Netgear FVS336g Firewall. We have Windows XP clients, with IE8. I can provide any further information requested. The host company says it's a problem with our network and therefore can't help. I'm not sure it is 100% our fault as we can access other FTP sites.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to FTP Problem

Installing a network sniffer on one of the machines see at what point it fails as this will let you know if it's your end or the other install something called wireshark, it will check ports and the like really good for TS these sort of things hope it helps.

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by pysces83 In reply to Try

I'm going to run Wireshark today.

I disconnected the Netgear Firewall and connected my laptop directly to the internet and still couldn't connect to this FTP site.

Is it possible that the hosting company is blocking certain IP address ranges and ours sadly falls into this range?

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by seanferd In reply to Thanks...

to make sure the site still accepts FTP connections - support for FTP has slowly been going away for a long time. For instance, Google dropped FTP publishing support for Blogger in March this year.

Some sites which still do a lot of FTP traffic change to SFTP, and some change to HTTP-only.

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by fruitbat83 In reply to Check
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by pysces83 In reply to Check

The host is still accepting FTP connections.

I tried to telnet the FTP server and it responded with "425 Sorry, invalid address given". I've copied and pasted the information from an email, and I know it's correct.

It's so maddening. I've ruled out our Corporate Firewall (disconnected it completely, and connected my laptop directly to the internet).

I can connect to other FTP sites (I've tested around 50 so far).

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