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FTP Script File

By Daygo_171 ·
I am trying to automate an FTP transfer using a batch file in win xp. I am having trouble getting my batch file to run the script (which is a .txt file) to automatically log into the FTP server, transfer the files, then quit.

I see that I need to use the following sequence:


in my batch file to run the script. Problem is my batch file cannot find the script file. How do I make the connection?

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Full Path ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to FTP Script File

Can't see any other reason for this not to work.
ftp -s:C:\MyFTPScripts\MyScript.Txt
as it were.
There might be a problem if there are spaces etc in your path and or file name, try wrapping it in double quotes if so.
Don't forget it's FTP that can't find the file, not the batch file itself. So Batch and script in the same directory probably won't help you.

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found the problem

by Daygo In reply to FTP Script File

you were right.........I did have everything right with one exception. I was creating the .txt script file in wordpad instead of note pad. It must have been adding some unruly overhead. When I created the script file in notepad everything went well.

thanks for the help

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Never even though of that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to found the problem

You need to do file save as text from word pad otherwise it will stick a load of format strings in the file like font sizes, colours etc.

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Automatic ftp from windows

by kprasadkamath In reply to found the problem

Hi I want to get files from unix into my windows system.
and i want to do it as automatic using ftp.

Help me!!!
Thanx in advance

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