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    FTP server problem in IIS.


    by karthik_mynam ·

    I am working on windows XP- PRO, 64k leased line (with public IP)connected to network card by a cable modem & Zone alarm firewall.

    I am unable to access the files using FTP i.e., by typing (xx- ip address) in the web browser. There is a message :

    An error occured opening that folder on the ftp server. make sure you have permission to access that folder.


    200 Type set to A.
    227 Entering Passive mode (xxx,xxx,xxx,xx,7,216).
    426 Connection closed; Transfer aborted.


    All the folders in the ftproot directory are displayed when is typed in the browser.

    I am not running the windows connection firewall. Only zone alarm is running and I hav given access to incoming data from port 21.

    ftproot directory is kept in shared mored by right clicking on it and changing the permissions.

    FTP server is configured for anonymous access and it is running. I can access all other FTP sites without any problem.

    Also the http server is running perfectly when I type my IP addr. in the web browser.

    NOTE : correspods to the systems ip addr.

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      Reply To: FTP server problem in IIS.

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to FTP server problem in IIS.

      You need to allow TCP port 20 ALSO for FTP transmittal to work. Port 21 is the data port for FTP; 20 is the “control” port for FTP.
      So, open both ports up, and try it again.

      hope this helps

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      Reply To: FTP server problem in IIS.

      by ronypp ·

      In reply to FTP server problem in IIS.


      Please check the IIS settings. Confirm whether you have given the public IP in the IIS setting..or is it the loop back IP.


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