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    FTP server setup


    by tebzapitlagano ·

    hello everyone,i am having a server called Proline by super micro and installed the windows server 2008 standard on it.i followed all the requirements of setting up,but when i test the site it doesnt work,so i was thinking may be someone can help me on that.if you got team viewer and skype you can connect with me

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      by tebzapitlagano ·

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      Not sure that I really understand your question here

      by oh smeg ·

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      But have you managed to install any OS on this device?

      In the event of any version of Windows Server you’ll need to press the [b]F6 Key[/b] at the First Blue Screen to install any drivers necessary like RAID, SCSI or SATA and have the actual Driver for you Hardware and the OS you are attempting to install.

      Not sure of the exact process with 2008 but I think you can use a USB Thumb Drive with the Driver copied to the Root of the Thumb Drive, or if you have a floppy drive you just copy the Driver to the Root of a Floppy to load it. When the First Blue Screen appears press the F6 Key and wait till you are prompted and then insert the device with the driver on it and press enter.

      After that the OS should load without problems.

      If however you mean that you have installed the OS but it’s not working when connected to the Domain and the server remains invisible you’ll need to finish the Setup of the Server by incorporating and thing like Group Policies or Active Directory and then Migrate the Old server to the new. These links may be of some assistance to you for this if that is where you are running into problems.

      [i]Migrate Server Roles to Windows Server 2008 R2[/i]

      [i]Windows Server Migration Tools Installation, Access, and Removal[/i]

      [i]Windows Server Solution Accelerators[/i]

      If none of that is any use to you post back with your exact problem and someone here will attempt to help you solve it. 😉


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