FTP server?

By VictorMalta ·
What would be the simplest way to setup offsite storage that would function as a site for users to connect to so they can view .xls and .doc documents?

For example, my bosses asked me if there was a way they can have their managers just be able to view sensitive financial documents without having print/write privileges, while also setting up different user accounts in order to log activity.

I realize this is a rather broad question, but if you could just point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Couple of options

by robo_dev In reply to FTP server?

The standard way to provide secure remote access to a private network is a VPN. This may not always be the simplest, but it is the most secure.

Many routers have VPN functionality built into them, so you may only need to purchase VPN client software.

Alternately, companies like Cisco sell special router-like devices called VPN concentrators.

The VPN can handle all types of traffic securely, so if you want to allow your users to get to a server share, establish a remote desktop session, get to a FTP does not matter.

Not to scoff at 'bosses', but if you can view it, you can own trying to restrict printing is false security. And logging user activity is not much of a control, either, IMHO.

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