FTP Servers on Windows 95

By Slayer_ ·
This is going to sound crazy, but at the moment I am using Windows 95 to host a webserver and FTP server. There is good reason for this, Windows 95 is the best OS for the hardware on the machine. Windows 98 just won't cut it. (Linux Distros also don't work too well, Hardware is too old and slow, and I am not familure enough with Linux to work with the CLI without a GUI.)

At present I am running Apache server for HTTP and BulletProofFTP for FTP server.

I want to replace BPFTP with a better program. Preferably one that supports SFTP. But just not leaking memory would be an improvement. Security is not epicly important as this is just a personal server that I and friends use to host our websites and images (Forum signatures, etc.). High traffic, but no secure content.
Also it has to be free. I do not want to pirate software.

The system needs to remain as Windows 95 for now until the system finally dies (In about a year or so) and I change the OS to Windows XP or some flavor of Linux.

The system Specs:
Windows 95 C - All patched
P2 200mhz with MMX.
256 Megs of RAM
Winsock 2 is installed

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WooHoo, that's a hot webserver

by robo_dev In reply to FTP Servers on Windows 95

GoodTech FTP server?

The interesting thing is that many exploits would not succeed on Win95 since the kernel just won't run them. I would assume you've got this behind a good hardware firewall.

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about as good as a router provides

by Slayer_ In reply to WooHoo, that's a hot webs ...

Title says it all.

The 95 system doesn't have access to any of the XP systems in the house, it can access the shares on my main computer, but only using a limited account.
It's fairly locked away.

Hmm, the FTP server is intriguing but doesn't seem to support any security, it also doesn't appear to be free.

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by Neon Samurai In reply to FTP Servers on Windows 95

Back with win98, I used to run WarFTP client and WarFTP deamon. I don't believe the warftp deamon is free if you can find it. It did have good security configuration for user and group policy within the ftp and I believe it supported encryption.

warftp client's claim to fame was being able to negotiate direct ftpserver to ftpserver transfers rather than downloading to the local machine and back up to the second server.

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by cmoewes In reply to FTP Servers on Windows 95

FileZilla should run on windows 95.

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I thought of that one too...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to filezilla

... but their web site only provides links to older versions which say they'll run on Win2K. None of the older versions say they will run on Win95 or Win98 for that matter. I guess it would be worth a shot at trying though. After all, the server and client are both free.

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Older versions of sftp plus another idea

by cmoewes In reply to I thought of that one too ...

Well, it looks like it is compiled for 32bit windows which win95 would fall into. All the old versions of the server are available here.

You could probably try the most recent and see if it works.

You could also check out if cygwin will run on windows 95. Then you could use proftp or sshd(sftpd). It would add some overhead, but would give you the best of both worlds.

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