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    FTP service on NT Server 4.0


    by pcapizzi ·

    I have a FTP Dir setup on my domain , for some reason the permissions on the FTP Dir change every once and a while , and the local acccount that we use to FTP in will not be able to delete the files .

    This Local user has Local administrator rights .

    We also noticed that when we stop and start the FTP service in IIS ( Everything goes back to normal)

    What could cause the permissions to change on this Dir ??? Maybe I need to apply SP6A , we are running 5 now .


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      FTP service on NT Server 4.0

      by miket.infotech ·

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      I’ve had this same problem once. We seemed to come to the conclusion it is a flaw in IIS 4’s FTP service which locks the files. This is why everything goes back to normal when the FTP service is stopped.

      You can literally open a command prompt and do a “del filename.ext” – receive the lock error, and repeat the command until some arbitrary timeout expires. Leave it to MS. I believe this issue was logged in MS’s KnowledgeBase somewhere, it may have possibly been resolved in SP 6 -The problem has seemed to gone away for us, still using SP5.

      Mike Terranova

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      FTP service on NT Server 4.0

      by pcapizzi ·

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