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Ok, I am going to provide you the scenerio. Wow, I feel like I am taking a Microsoft exam again. Anyway, the end result should be ftp with the folder/files I specify being accessible through an internet browser utilizing the ip address.

There are some obsticles though. There is a router/firewall between the system and the internet which is NATing the public address to private. This is a Belkin router.

Furthermore, the McAfee suite is in play as well. The FTP, HTTPS and specific ports are enabled and have been opened through the firewall.

I have installed the Filezilla "Server" onto the system. I selected Standard install. Once installed I configured the user settings. First, a user account with all necessary permissions. Second, adding the path to the shared folder and setting it as the home directory.

Next, I configured the setup settings. On the general settings, the port is set to the custom number. Then I clicked on Passive mode settings. Here is were it gets a little tricky. I specified the WAN IP address here since it was asking for the external ip address. I have tried the WAN IP and the gateway address. The only thing I did not try was the private address which didn't make sense.

Bottom, line is I was expecting from another internet system, not on my network, to be able to open a web browser - (example: enter and get a login box asking for username and password). Then once those credentials are inputted that the ftp site would show properly. I am not even getting a login box and the site times out so something is either missing or misconfigured.

Does Filezilla require the client to be installed on the destination machine in order to see this ftp site? That really doesn't make sense but am trying to rule out as much as possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

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