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FTP to same network devices

By vlpresher ·
I have come accross and issue where I cannot FTP from between two devices on the same LAN. I can FTP to off LAN devcies fine.

Any ideas on what might I need to look at.

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by BFilmFan In reply to FTP to same network devic ...

What OS?

What permissions are set on shares to allow FTP?

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Is one an FTP server?

by gralfus In reply to FTP to same network devic ...

As I recall, FTP is client/server oriented, so at least one of the devices involved has to have an FTP server running.

An alternative is netcat (nc), a tremendously useful program. If you have Linux, it is built in. For windows, you can grab a Win32 version from here:

Here is the syntax for using it,
On the receiving computer:
nc -l -p portnumber >filename

On the sending PC:
nc remoteIP portnumber <filename

Example: using port 9000 and filename foo.txt to a computer with an IP of

nc -l -p 9000 >foo.txt

nc 9000 <foo.txt

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