ftp user isolation with multiple users

By Bams Lele ·
I need help!
I want to configure my ftp site to enable multiple users the ability upload files to it but at the same time restricting them from viewing others directory. I set it up initially unchecking Allow only anonymous connections option. But I realized that when they ftp to the site using their user name and password, they have access to the other users??? folders and can browse their content.
Here comes Isolate user. This is what I did after reinstalling the ftp windows component.
In windows 2003, I first created the local user accounts (101, 102 and 103) on the computer. Next, the ftp site was created with the Isolate users option selected. In the ftproot folder, I created another folder called LocalUser and then created individual folders in it with names (101, 102 and 103) as the local user accounts created.
On the browser of a second computer, I typed: ftp://ipaddress on its url and it throws up a login challenge to enter the local user name and password. When these are entered, it throws up the challenge again and again. I have tried this for most of the account created.
What can one do to esolve this?

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So to clarify

by robo_dev In reply to ftp user isolation with m ...

The real issue is the new FTP users you created cannot log in?

This problem occurs when one of the following scenarios is true:

The Allow only anonymous connections security setting has been turned on in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
The username does not have the Log on locally permission in User Manager.
The username does not have the Access this computer from the network permission in User Manager.
The Domain Name was not specified together with the username (in the form of DOMAIN\username).

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Reponse To Answer

by Bams Lele In reply to So to clarify

Thanks for your resonse.
I'm in order with the above, except for the last option because the domain name is not usally specified wit the username.
want to know if i can achieve the above without configuring Isolation and how. This has become necessary because the restrictions only comes when isolation is configured.


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