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FTP using T1

By phebert ·
I'm FTPing multiple .pdf files on a daily basis to an external FTP Server. I am using WS_FTP Pro version 9. The total combined file size flucuates with Monday being the largest file size of around 200mg. This upload is taking on average for this combined file size, 6 hours. We are connecting with a full T1. I have asked the net admin if this upload time is normal and he stated that even if he gave me the full T1 on port 21, that files totaling that size would take 3 hours. I'm now having a "what?" moment. If memory servers, a full T1 is 1,554 mbps so why would 211 mgs of data 3 hours? Am I losing my mind?

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by jeremyrem In reply to FTP using T1

is the ftp program configured right?

when i was useing ftp awhile ago.. connection spped varied on how the program was sendig information.

i would suggest contacting the ftp site and ask for the proper setting and configure it within ur ftp program..

hope that works for you.
the fastest i uploaded is 110kb a second on cable modem so there has to be something wrong with something because 3 hours is not right

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by cmiller5400 In reply to FTP using T1

No about 3 hours is right. We had T1's going to each of locations and a copy of 200MBs does take about 3 hours. It also depends on how much traffic is on the T1 also, you do not receive all of the bandwith if there is other traffic over the same pipe. Also a T1 is 1.554mbps not 1,554mbps (the comma just may be a regional thing??), therefore, a 1 meg file (8,388,608 bits) will take approximately 5.4 seconds if you had absolutely no traffic on the line and were using all channels and had a dedicated line not going through a cloud at a telco/ISP company.

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by phebert In reply to FTP using T1

I have confirmed that the FTP client is set up correctly. Yesterday I had 94.8 mgs to upload and it took close to 9 hours. I have contacted the networking department and they don't seem overly concerned but then again, this is an issue that only affects me. I don't find it acceptable that it takes 9 hours to upload 94.8 mgs of data know there we're connecting with a T1. I uploaded 155 mgs today and it took 3 hours 45 minutes. What can I do to set the FTP upload speed and a consistent kbps?

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by rick_b In reply to FTP using T1

Your also at the mercy of the receiving FTP server and the load it can handle. If it is also on a T-1, you have to ask how sessions are running, how ram in the server, etc.
If this is the same ftp server everyday, ask about a static route to avoid internet bottlenecks.

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by exNN In reply to FTP using T1

As stayed before a full T1 is the connection between your office and your ISP's router, whatever connects that router to the other server nobody will ever know for sure, the information can take so many different routes, that a "standard response time" will not be realistic parameter. It will depend on your computer/LAN/router and internet access traffic/performance, as well as your ISP's traffic/equipment performance, Internet traffic, host server (processes running, connections, LAN traffic, etc). So it is very variable. On the other hand, the speed you can get from a T1 link is 23*56*1024 bits per second, not the full capacity; also your file is 211*1024*1024*8 bits; overhead from TCP, IP and Ethernet framing should be added, so not just the file bits (your information) travel on the wire/T1. As a user I do understand your frustration, however there is no much to do in the scenario itself, without increasind dramatically the cost of the solution.

Be patient and good luck

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by phebert In reply to FTP using T1

Thank you for all the advice! I have done some additional troubleshooting on this issue. Largely it seems to be the router I connect through is creating the issue. It's so old and slow I think its powered by hamster on an activity wheel! So, what I ended up doing is I upload to an FTP server locally via static route and then from there a scripted transfer occurs to the external FTP server. It's not pretty but I'm not spending half my day babysitting an FTP session. Thanks again for all the informaton and advice!

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Scripted transfer

by greeneai In reply to

How do you configure your scripted transfer? What type of error checking do you do to make sure that the file gets uploaded? And how do you then manage the files on the local server?

I, too, do not feel like babysitting FTP sessions every day for my company. Any advise will be appreciated.

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