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I have a customer who wants to FTP his data files to me but without SSL. How do I do this or where can I find FTP without SSL?

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You can not have "FTP" with out "SSL". So this link might be of help..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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you will need a ftp server....

by ---TK--- In reply to FTP withOUT SSL - I use the personal edition, its free, somewhat easy to set up, and flexible... also after you set it up you will need to set up port forwarding on your router, Port 21 and port 20.

or if you use any of the messengers, you can transfer files that way.... not very secure, and slow... but it works

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FTP without SSL

by PhoenixClarity In reply to FTP withOUT SSL

Interestingly enough, we are in the process of turning ON SSL for our ftp server.

Most available FTP servers do not come defaulted with SSL enabled, it is something that needs to be turned on.

Depending on what type of FTP server that you are running (if you do operate your own that is) there are a few options that you can entertain. (all options that i am going to provide are assuming that you are running your own ftp server.)

1. change the settings so that the FTP server does not require SSL to connect to it, users can either connect via an encrypted connection, or connect without SSL and all transmissions are non secure. (I don't recommend this personally, but it will work)

2. create a separate domain on your server and do not enable SSL on it, and set it's listener to port 21 (default ftp port, ftps is on port 989) (this would probably be the preferred option in my opinion, keeps the secure domain and the non secure domain separate, but new UNP's are going to be required on the new domain)

3. create a whole new server that is not secure using a free software or though Windows Server IIS.

Now, I will have to comment on the fact that there is a security issue with NOT having SSL enabled, any data sent or received is not encrypted and susceptible to be "probed", and depending on company policy (and other legal factors) running a personal home use software on a corporate system can come with a bunch of issues in itself.

Hope this info helps =) cheers!

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You can use...

by Monice In reply to FTP without SSL I have used them many times successfully.

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FTP without SSL

by janprich In reply to FTP without SSL

Thanks for the help. The file that will be transmitted via FTP will already be encrypted by PGP, so I think we'll be safe without the SSL.

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