Fujitsu 30gb HDD "no spin"

By sitchy ·
I was having trouble with my screen going black but found with continued reboot it would finally come on. Then the system just continued to reboot without opening windows. The HDD was working but XP was haywire. Soooo I bought a USB to IDE for my 2.5" and without my glasses on plugged in only 1/2 the pins(lower male pins into the upper female). I havent been able to make the drive spin since. Can I buy a drive that matches mine and move the circuit board over so I can recover the data? Is it the board or is it the motor. Has anyone changed the motor out without affecting the "clean chamber".?

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Yes you can change the circuit board over

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Fujitsu 30gb HDD "no spin ...

If the board is faulty that will cure your problem. However if the Motor in the HDD is faulty it needs to be placed in a Class 1 Clean Room and dismantled as the motor is enclosed inside the HDD.

If you have one of the highly filtered Lama Flow Cabinets you can get away with dismantling a HDD in that but if you have a power failure you can kiss the internals of the drive good by.


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Agree Fully

by Michael Jay In reply to Yes you can change the ci ...

But a 30 gig hard drive is probably kinda old and to buy one that matches will be hard as the drive must be of the same model and board artwork. A buddy did the same oops connection and replacing the board recovered the data. That was easy because we have many old drives about that matched the config. On laminar flow cabinets: can't afford one. However we did a shop test by removing the cover from an old 20 gig laptop hard drive and ran diags on it, it ran for 10 minutes before complete failure. Yea you do not want to open one they really do not like dust.

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How hard is it to get the PCB out

by sitchy In reply to Agree Fully

I found a new drive exact model but different serial built same month and year. Should work? But how hard is it to get in/ out. Also do you think the incorrect connection caused the stoppage or was the dark screen then perpetual reboot the beginning of the end....thanks

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It's fairly easy to change the Circuit Boards

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How hard is it to get the ...

The biggest problem is to find the right screw Driver Bit to undo the screws. Snap On has these or maybe one of the bigger Hardware Stores in your area.

As for the actual Circuit Board once you have the screws holding it in place undone you should lift it straight up there should be several Pins sticking out of the bottom of the case for the motor and a Ribbon Cable for the Read Write Heads which will either lock in place or just be a push in connection.

Most of the 2.5 inch drives are the push in connector but if you see what looks like a separate piece of plastic at the front of the Connector for the Ribbon Cable try easing it away from the Circuit Board. If it moves it will unlock the ribbon Cable and make replacement easier but you have to remember to lock it back in place.

Because 2.5 inch drives are small many don't have the locking connector for the Ribbon Cable and it's just a push in connection. When you have the replacement board connected to the Ribbon Cable drop it onto the HDD Chassis remembering to replace any insulation material that may have been in between the Circuit Board and the HDD.

I always use a Magnifying Light to do this type of thing as they are small and easy to make a mistake with. Once you have the circuit board in place screw a couple of the screws in to hold it in place and then mount it in the USB caddy and take your data off it.

You may need to take ownership of the files by following the direction's here


Also if you have encrypted the files you'll need to save the encryption keys by following the directions here


As for your data if the drive was working properly prior to the incident you should be able to recover everything but if it's been damaged along the line it may be necessary to send it away for a Data Recovery Service to diagnose the problem with the drive and recover your data if it's worth the price involved. A working drive costs about 1K to recover the data from and a lot more if they have to pull it apart and reconstruct the data that way. But if it's really important it's possible to recover the data though at a cost.


If you are using a USB Caddy most 2.5 inch drives don't need a jumper fitted so if you have one fitted remove it and place it somewhere safe till you need it again. But I wouldn't recommend attempting to use that HDD again for anything important.

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Good Information

by Michael Jay In reply to It's fairly easy to chang ...

Thanks Hal I would like to add a little nuts and bolts to your post just in case Stichy has not done this before. The driver you need is a t5 or t6, before you begin do make sure the new drive works. These drives usually have a plate on the side away from the label with a bunch of holes in it, through the holes you will see the plastic isolator. Remove no screws from the label side. 4 phillips screws on the edges hold the plate and there will be an sticky stuff holding the plate on, pull carefully to remove this cover and you will have access to the circuit card. Note the assy numbers on these cards if they are the same you win, if not and the connection point is in the same location it may still work. Best of luck to you.

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You guys are just what I need.

by sitchy In reply to Good Information

I want to say thanks so much for the info from both you guys. It helps my confidence. I have optical screw drivers that have fine phillips heads. Also Sears has them. I just noticed the HD I was thinking of buying on Ebay was sold. Its a Fujitsu MHT2030AT 2003-12 like mine. Others on there are different build dates. I heard somewhere that date could be significant.
I'm hoping to pull the data then put the board back in the new HD and installing it into my laptop. You said assy #'s are on those on the PCBs, Michael? Maybe I should buy a lot of 10 dead drives and check every board. My luck the one that fits is dead also. Col,I know the laptops have those flat ribbons that who knows what holds them in. My data(pictures of my airplane crash in AK) is worth alot to me but not 1K. Couldnt a person take a sand blasting box and put an air filtration(ionic breeze) with HD in there and after several hours of filtering take screws out on the label side? Im sooo hoping I dont need to go to that. Keep writing your knowledge is refreshing.

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Don't go there

by Michael Jay In reply to You guys are just what I ...

Do not remove the screws on the label side, there is nothing there but danger. If you have removed the bottom, the side with holes as I described you can now see the circuit board if you have a scanner copy it and send to me the picture, I am about to decommission 6 laptops and I may have a card with your numbers on it. Let me know.
By the way, when this is over you can go ahead and remove the screws from the label side note that one screw is under the label, then you will get 2 really shiny disks and a magnet of amazing power for its small size.

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i am technical engg.

by atul_484 In reply to Fujitsu 30gb HDD "no spin ...

Add a another fan and change ur hard disk with high speed. This all is happening because of system over heating. bye reply me ...

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