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Fujitsu Lappy

By noyoki ·
I'm thinking of getting a laptop (up to $2100 USD at most, preferrably $1500 or so) and have narrowed it down to the Fujitsu S-7020, unless there is an overwhelming "nay".

I am not even considering a ThinkPad, though I know many people have them. I just don't really feel like cussing out my keyboard every time I try to type something because I've hit Fn+c instead of Ctrl+c, or tried to use Windows+r with the Ctrl key - forgetting the Windows key doesn't exist.
As a 5'2" girl, sales guys tend to assume I know nothing... at least with the tech guys, I can show them I actually do know SOMEthing about what I want! So I've spoken to several behind-the-counter tech guys, who said that if not IBM, then Fujitsu is a close second as a recommendation with support, and they've seen very few come in needing repairs. (If a bit more fragile than the ThinkPads, but if I were to travel, it's going WITH me, not getting tossed around with luggage...)

14.1" screen, 1400x1050 max res, 4.3lbs, 4.25 hours battery life, 80gig HD, 512 ram (which I could up to 1g for an extra $120 or so I'm told), 2.0 gighz cpu. The keyboard touch (in the store at least) was decent, if not really "pretty". (I dunno how to explain it, the layout looked "old", if that makes any sense. I can't find a decent link to describe it. The keys were white, everything else was black.) Is there a way to replace a laptop keyboard?

It has an "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900" as a vid card... I don't need the greatest graphics card for my laptop, that's what the desktop is for. But I'd LIKE it to at least run things like WoW. My Compaq is about 5 years old, and runs it well enough for me, but it has an ATI card. (The Compaq was an x-mas present, it's just that it's almost 7lbs...) My concern is that this is a "no-name" brand. (I know Intel is famous for cpu's and such, but they're not nVidia or ATI in vid cards...)

One site says it's 3.9lbs (I'm guessing this is possibly with the "weight saver" instead of a DVD-rom/writer), another says it's 5lbs, so I'm a bit confused on that... 4.3lbs is what they told me in the store so...

One review says it doesn't run hot, another says it's not for gamers (but then, neither is mine and it suits me just fine, it runs WoW, just not full texture like the desktop comp does, and the Fujitsu, being a bit newer, I would assume would games at least be as good as my old one), another review says it DOES have heating probs, so I'm not sure which is more normal for this model...

"In addition, the S7020 uses a Trusted Platform Module chip which is an industry hardware and software solution for data protection and privacy..."
Uh... That DEFINATELY needs to come off first tho. Is there any way to verify if the computer does, or does not, have this on it?

Total of $1300 (without the extra ram).
What say you on this?


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Toshiba or Dell

by jdclyde In reply to Fujitsu Lappy

are about the only laptops I have dealt with besides the Thinkpad that I am typing on right now. (yes, it is a workhorse that keeps going.)

I know a few people with Dell laptops, and half of them ended up having to send them back for major repairs. Can't say if that is par for the course or if they were just "lucky".

We have several Toshibas at work, and the only major problem we have ever had was when a sales rep sat it on the floor and then leaned back in his rocking chair and ........ I don't know if I can blame Toshiba for that. ;\

I would make SURE about that video card, as that is the single biggest weak point of most laptops as far as gaming, and WoW isn't exactly for lightweight systems.

Also, if your not going to order the memory all at once, make a POINT of getting a single 512, so you don't have to pull memory out to put memory in later on.

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S7020 is HOT.... literally!!!

by dirty_blue_jeans In reply to Fujitsu Lappy

I have an S7020, and it's only a laptop in name. I can't really keep it on my lap, or anywhere else for that matter, except a table... the laptop bottom gets _extremely_ hot. Specially towards the front left... you can't really touch it without injuring yourself. In the US, I would have sued the pants off Fujitsu (and then asked some biggie there to use the laptop on his lap!)... but I'm in India now, and can't really do much about it. DON'T BUY THIS MACHINE! I have a 7010 as well as a compact by Fujitsu, but this one seems to be the only one with a problem.

BTW, there are serious issues with the DVD drives of all the Fujitsu laptops I have (three). They are all writers, and after a period of time, they all have stopped working. Maybe the Matshita drives are an issue... I would avoid anything which has that drive.

Hope this helps!


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