Full Factory Recovery - Specifically the driver/application installing

By Edgam20 ·
full factory recovery went all well, then i got to the white screen with the drivers and applications installing, i got to 40 out of 50 and my computer all of a sudden goes to sleep, i wake it up and i get a blue screen, it restarts and when it loads regularly it's a black screen... shows the mouse, and nothing else... i'v tried f8 and "repair your computer", start windows normally, safe modes, almost everything and it takes me to the black screen after the loading bar with windows passes.... anyone got a clue what to do... how to finish where i left off or how to start the full factory recovery again?

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Knowing WHAT you're recovering might help ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Full Factory Recovery - S ...

In other words, what operating system and what type of computer.

Obviously the installed operating system had, by default, a cut-off point where it blanked the screen due to keyboard/mouse inactivity.

With the difficulties you are obviously having now, I would suggest that you invoke a full install again, but this time you don't sit back and watch it or walk off leaving it to it's own devices (pun intended).

When it gets to the point of installing the drivers, ensure that you move the mouse about continuously - that way you'll prevent the system going to sleep.

This is all guesswork really since I don't know what you are installing or what you're installing it onto.


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more info..

by Edgam20 In reply to Knowing WHAT you're recov ...

Gateway MT6840 Notebook, Windows vista premium, the thing is that i turn on the computer, it does everything regularly, shows the windows loading bar after that nothing, black screen with my mouse only thing able to move... i'v done f8 to try to take differnt approaches but nothing... what i'm trying to do is either A) get back to that recover box and start a new factory recovery or B) continue from the driver/application location i was at....

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Ah - well this is where I exit stage left ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to more info..

Vista is a commodity that I don't have much to write home about, in other words: I don't go there unless I have to.

Sorry, there'll be some more adventurous peers along in a minute.

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Having just spent the last 10 days trying to reload a Dell

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to more info..

And have it remain working after applying all the drivers & Applications I can give you a few pointers here.

After you get the actual OS installed kill the recovery process. Using a different computer connect to the Gateway Site and download the drivers for your NB Individually and install them that way Individually and reboot when asked to.

It also helps no end if you disable the Sleep Mode or Power Saving Mode when you start the recovery process after the OS is installed as on a NB this will cause you nothing but grief. Restart the Recovery Process again and this time Do Not set the system to receive Auto Updates while finishing off the Vista Install. Place a Tick in the Not Now or Latter Box that appears prior to the first log on of Vista. After you have Vista Running install the Sound & Video Drivers and associated software and then reboot the computer.

Download all of the required Drivers from here Gateway's Driver Site for the MT6840 NB here

You'll need to enter the NB's Serial Number and then you will be shown all of the Drivers and other available downloads for this individual NB not the entire family of them for their production life.

And most importantly read the directions here on How To Install Drivers & Software

Also while you are at the Gateway Site check out this link for the Battery Recall for the MT6840's.


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Try restarting the recovery process again and watch it install,

by Jacky Howe In reply to Full Factory Recovery - S ...

to see how it goes and I like the part that says Free chat support
Windows Vista - My notebook's video is not working correctly By Gateway
Free chat support
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.</i>
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