Fun config question for hardware gurus, see the picture

By bobstone888 ·
Which configuration will yield optimal performance?
(500 meg of RAM, which is max for this mobo)

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What is your question?

by robo_dev In reply to Fun config question for h ...
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Please Sir, can you do my homework for me ? ... <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What is your question?
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Fun answer - None of 'em, ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Fun config question for h ...

Not with a 900MHz P3.

ps You forgot the OS !!

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My real concern would be

by Dumphrey In reply to Fun answer - None of 'e ...

what level of performance are you getting with a pci sata card on that bus? Is it faster then the native ata? plus he forgot to include the Parallel Infinityband Engine and Monitor Infinityband Link Kinetics...
how can you build a computer with no MILK or PIE?

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SATA slower (not a problem, just a contstraint)

by bobstone888 In reply to My real concern would be

The SATA is slower than the native ATA. That makes me thing it may be best to put the OS/apps on the SATA channel (since high throughput is desirable when playing DVD files off of hard disk, and it's *definitely best to have the swap file be fast as possible)...but is it even possible to boot from a PCI-based controller? Not sure how that would work, since it seems like the SATA PCI driver would require Windows to be alive before the SATA drive would be visible.

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Hmm thats good to know

by Dumphrey In reply to SATA slower (not a proble ...

And it is possible in most cases to boot off of a pci controller (depending on the controller).

As for the DVD, a movie will play more then fine over a 33Mbps bus, a full 100Mbps is not needed, ram and processor make a bigger difference, since they decode the data from the disk.

So, based on your info, I would put the OS and Apps on one IDE disk, data on the other IDE disk, the DVD on its own IDE chain, and the swap I would move to the sata after its set up and verified.

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Here is a thought

by JamesRL In reply to SATA slower (not a proble ...


Just ensure that the files that the movies are on is not the same drive as the OS and the apps. The OS drive tends to get fragmented as Windows creates temp files, restore points etc. Having the movies on a clean unfragmented drive will help the data rates.


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title of reply

by bobstone888 In reply to Fun answer - None of 'e ...

dang, tough crowd!

OS is XPsp2

This isn't a school assignment, I did that illustration myself using pbrush.exe

Yes, a P3 *is* pretty pathetic these days, but it is what is is. I've got the hardware so I figure I may as well rig it for max (or "least sucky") performance.

The reason I called this a "fun" question is, I thought we might get some strong opinions, e.g., whether to share the DVD with the OS/apps channel or with the data channel.

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I have a 800 p3 w/ 512 sitting on the

by Dumphrey In reply to title of reply

floor beside me as we speak. its currently running Debian and has nagios installed, but not correctly configured yet. You can do tons with an processor like this. Router/home web proxy/gateway, Web browsing/email box. Kitchen computer (who cares if you spill on it and it fries), kids first box... lots of solutions.

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Proper title, "how to suck less"

by jdclyde In reply to title of reply

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