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Funniest error message ever?

By Vawns ·

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I once saw a beauty on an internal site

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Funniest error message ev ...

The help desk was accessed via an internal website, if your system was down you had a colleague log the fault for you. There was some industrial problems between the help desk staff and management. One day I logged on to report a colleague's system was not allowing her to log in again. The help desk did not have its usual message but a notice stating.

"Please do not waste your time contacting the help desk, we're all fed up and have quit. No faults will be actioned until after those fools in management can hire some replacements.

PS The authentication server has gone down so if you can't get logged in that is the reason. Likely repair time is (the infinity symbol)"

Checking with staff we found out that the server went down just before management threatened to sack any staff who continued with industrial action - so they all quit at once, one spent their last few minutes putting the notice on their web site so the other staff would not get too upset.

We all had a good laugh, as we were required to log off each time we left our work area, and no authentication server meant we could not get back in and do any work. That afternoon most of us had a 30 minute divisional meeting after lunch. The division head sent us home after the meeting as we couldn't do any work without the computers.

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how about

by Jaqui In reply to Funniest error message ev ...

the funny error messages built into the linux kernel, the one that tickles my funny bone the most:

"Help!! LPT1 is on Fire!!!!!"

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This one is amusing

by Tig2 In reply to Funniest error message ev ...
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That is funny

by j.lupo In reply to This one is amusing

No coffee needed for that one.

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Richard Kiel Memorial Abend #27

by neilb@uk In reply to This one is amusing

This was the message that you could sometimes get installing NetWare 3.12 on clone kit with uncertified drivers. It was almost invariably a server crash.

I've actually had it happen to me and it's an easy fix (update your drivers!) but very puzzling if you don't have access to Novell's troubleshooting docs.

Novell had a number of Memorial abends in honour of people who'd left the company and they were replaced by the correct production ID and message but this is one that slipped the net.

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I haven't been fortunate - or is that unfortunate -

by j.lupo In reply to Funniest error message ev ...

enough to have seen any of these. Though at one company where I worked our internal help desk used to have fun with the messages on the site.

At a company I worked at early in my career, I used to have little graphics happen when people logged in. We had a starship enterprise come flying across the screen with comments from Kirk, Spock and McCoy as they blew up the Database. That was our system down message. :)

For the holidays we would have a train that went around the office from PC to PC as people would log in, each PC screen became another car on the train and it would keep cycling with a Santa, a Hannukka Manorah, Reindeer, and other holdiay symbols on it all saying System rebooting, please wait - Happy Holidays - System rebooting, please wait - Happy Holidays - System died, you can go home now.

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Working too hard? How about this one...

by vanessaj In reply to Funniest error message ev ...
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That was great!

by Tig2 In reply to Working too hard? How ab ...

Very funny. Check your email!

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There are some

by Old Guy In reply to Working too hard? How ab ...

folks at my office who will receive that page Monday morning. That one is cool!

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With a little care.....

by pkrdk In reply to There are some

I once did that, and became wiser. The system in question had the feature that for each user or group you could run a specific program as the very first thing after logging on. Happened before anything else.
I wrote a program presenting a screen exactly like the log-on screen. Effect was that people logged-in and got the login display again. Thinking they just mistyped, the entered user-id and password again, and in return received a login display with a funny message, in the end telling users that if they kept on playing with the IT system everything would be erased.
One girl in the office just had a series af 'one of these days', she was very careful in her work, and didn't make mistakes. This joke was just too much, she burst into crying and went home for 2 days.

Jokes, pranks, practical jokes are OK, but be careful who you use it on.

Another lesson learnt: Never be abusive when writing error messages. When we are in trouble we don't want to be blamed for it too. If I make a mistake in traffic, last thing I need is the missus to start raving. We have an agreement on that: If any of us start critizising the driving, we swap seats.

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