Funny Internet Explorer Problem

By lms ·
Has anyone any suggestions to help with my laptop which has just developed an unusual problem.
When I've been on the Internet for sometime, it suddenly Logs me off the internet and back to the Windows Logon screen ??. I then have to enter the password and get back to the Windows desktop
I've checked its not going into Stand-by or hibernation, and the Power settings should not cause this problem.

As its only just started happening, I've run a Virus and Spyware scan, both of which show no problems.
Event viewer shows nothing unusual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Reminds me.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Funny Internet Explorer P ...

I would listen to your HDD. If you hear it working hard as ****, and click alot... it might be going out which causes a slight crash...

I had a similar issue with my desktop. I would be on it for a good amount of time, then it would kick back to the windows loading screen... I went through every part except for the HDD... ended up building an new PC in the end. But what was happening, is the parts with in the HDD would heat up and expand, cause the slight crash... The HDD was on its last legs... replaced it and everything was fine...

But before you do that I would probably do a disk clean up, defrag, and a CHKDSK...its amazing what those three things can fix.. you already covered the other things I would have suggested....

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by lms In reply to Reminds me.....

Thanks for your reply.I have already checked the HDD using manufacturers diagnostics.
I think that I will have to try and repair windows, or re-install windows.
Thanks again.

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