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Funny video from Novell

By Novellian ·
Suffering from Windows NT support ending... maybe you can relate:

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by tbragsda In reply to Funny video from Novell

Novell needs more marketting. That has been their problem since mid 90s'

Now a question for all. How may have NT servers kicking around. I personaly have six. I don't see replaceing them soon, they are working as well as a NT server can work, and the costs should be going to other projects.

When y2k came round, I recall very well Novell offering NW3.2 for all the 3.12 servers. MSs product cycle is messed behond rational. The only company that does worse is CA.

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That's hilarious

by house In reply to Funny video from Novell

Where's Oz? He'll crap in his pants.

Thanks for the link. :)


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by secure_lockdown In reply to Funny video from Novell


reality check - you don't need novell to switch to linux. there are tons of linux specialists and companies out there that have been doing it longer than grubby Novell.

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But if someone is helping

by jdclyde In reply to STUPID.....

If you get a big company helping support and switch people over to Linux on a corporate level, I say they are a welcome addition.

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That's excellent!

by Oz_Media In reply to Funny video from Novell

That was great, thanks for the link. I am surprised I haven't seen it as I usually stay up on their new promos .

Great link!

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by rcsoar4fun In reply to Funny video from Novell

Now thats pretty funny, everyone in the office appreciated it. Now I want to know how to get my pony.


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Very Funny

by ITEngineerGuy In reply to Funny video from Novell

How true! I definitely laughed out loud at this.. i keep telling folks the norm is not always the best answer.

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