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Future belongs to Intel only?

By faraz67 ·
Starting from 1971, Intel never look back in the field of 'Digital Microprocessor Development' and keep on shaking the world by introducing new and fastest microprocessors. Starting from desktop to complicated server and industrial applications, Intel has proved its superiority in its own style.
So a question comes to mind by citing the recent progress of the Intel is that in future is there any other microprocessor vendor to compete Intel?

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Wake up and smell the coffee

by Snuggles In reply to Future belongs to Intel o ...

I guess I woul say that on server(highend) products, you have Digital/Compaq and on the low-end home user market AMD is opting to be a company with a somewhat more productive line, both technological. (The production of CPUs) and by PR and least butalso most important, AMD has made several right strategies for the future competition, while Intel has lost alot of marketshares both on homemarket computers and professional servers. refer to the RAMBUS-incident, the Chipsetincident(s), the faulty 1,33GHz CPU, AND the Merced/Itanium-frog. Intel also has a responsibility since they ARE the largest manufacurers, and has the largest researchgroups. Remember that we see only the comercial sides of the Intel/AMD corporations. Intel has always been the choice regarding CPUs in spacesciencee etc.
(Hubble was upgraded with a 486, just recently, you know...)

So none can hardly say that Future belongs to INTEL. on the contrair, Intel is propably reorganizing their strategies hard now, and some people in the Corporation is propably shaking in their pants.
I woul gess that we will see big changes right over the newyear. Due to these errors that has come the last two years.


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Intel Oversold

by richie In reply to Future belongs to Intel o ...

I have to agree with Snugges. Intel has a long way to go. Lets not forget the Transmetta deal that just happened with Gateway. These chips are the smallest and run the coolest of any chip made. This company is not even public and it has institutional backing with big bucks. Not to mention IBM is waiting in the wings to get a foot on Wintel. 2001 and 2002 will be very interesting on all fronts. I don't know what going to happen ,but when it comes to Intel hold all your bets.

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