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Future Hot 5 topic suggestion by jck: Stupid things bosses do

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
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<a href="" target="_blank">In a recent discussion thread,</a> TR member jck suggested another topic for an upcoming episode of TechRepublic's Hot 5 -- "Stupid things bosses do."

Let's run with this and see what kind of feedback we get. Head Blogs Editor Toni Bowers will compile some of the better entries from this discussion thread into a poll, and then I'll feature the 5 hottest (stupidest) within the video series.

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I guess I should contribute, since I suggested it.

by jck In reply to Future Hot 5 topic sugges ...

Right? lol

Mine would be:

Asking for feedback from their subordinates, then when implementation comes they disregard the best plans for something they can take credit for themselves.

Stupid because:

- Makes your staff feel they are not valued
- Can waste money/time/resources

Thanks Sonja :)

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Hum interesting now what stupid things does my boss do?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Future Hot 5 topic sugges ...

OH wait a minute I'm the boss so I can do no wrong.

But how about allowing the staff to drive the wifes Classic Mercedes? While I get the blame guess who hands over the keys? :^0


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How 'bout

by NickNielsen In reply to Future Hot 5 topic sugges ...

Refusing to approve customer support expenses that corporate has explicitly stated will be paid without question, then disciplining techs because his customer support numbers are falling as a result.

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Outsourced the three computer science students...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Future Hot 5 topic sugges ...

Before: Three guys, all solidly competent, doing work that paid less than they could have gotten elsewhere because they had fun and got to learn stuff.

After: Same three guys, now working for a consultancy firm, more expensive, less enthusiasm, no free effort for the learning experience.

But now he had "consultants" doing his IT maintenance, not "students".

This is the kind of stupid stupid thing that someone can do who isn't stupid... just reads too many commercial pitches and applies too little critical reason.

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Good as far as it goes

by santeewelding In reply to Outsourced the three comp ...

Except for that little part about, "critical reason".

You have, no doubt, established the genesis and causality of critical reason in order to apply it with your characteristic certainty?

"Certainty", too, requires a genesis.

I'd say you have work to do before you ride off into your clerical sunrise.

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Is that objectivity?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Good as far as it goes

You should be realizing that I speak my mind with full unapologetic subjectivity.
I can't be bothered writing "IMHO" all the time, those "disclaimers" are for people who live in fear of lawsuits. Besides, as you have obviously noticed, I don't feel a need to vent humble opinions much.
My humble opinions know to stay put, the meek shall inherit and all that.
Praetere censeo Genesis is so 90's. And before that, so 80's.

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Does not follow own policy(s)

by melias In reply to Future Hot 5 topic sugges ...

When a manager or supervisor creates a new policy and then does not follow it themselves, or even worse, creates mutually exclusive policies.

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lol...good one

by jck In reply to Does not follow own polic ...

Happens here all the time.

Like with attendance. We're expected to take as little sick or leave time as possible, yet the boss has for several weeks now been leaving at least every other week once 1-3 hours early.

You'd think that "staff" includes himself, since he's not the head of the organization. lol

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Careful now.

by JamesRL In reply to lol...good one

I'm a manager and I've flexed my time at times. I don't get paid overtime, and if I've been in late a few nights in a row, I might just take off early one day. My boss will be aware.

Some managers I know are strict 9-5 ers, but take their laptop home and catch up on email etc after dinner.

One time one of my managers, who had two kids in elite level sports, was criticised by her new boss for leaving at 5 pm. She asked him if he ever noted the timestamps on her emails that showed she did emails after the kids got home, around 11 PM.

And for the record, I'm pretty flexible with my staff. If they are generally good performers, I'm flexible, if they underperform, I'm less inclined.


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