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Future of IOT applications

Internet of things is a concept in which we can connect normal devices and appliances to the internet. In other words all those devices which has an on and off switch can be connected to the internet. Imagine a world where people, their devices and machines are connected to each other. Things like Coffee machine, Washing machine, Electricity bulbs, Cell phones and all the possible things can be a part of IOT. So in short Internet of things (IOT) is a giant network of connected things where the relationship will be between people- People, People-Thing and Things-Things.

Most of the IT companies are working on IOT app development and there are many great IOT examples are available. I would like to discuss this topics and i want to know what other people think about IOT app development and their future.

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An Internet of Things

In the next century, planet earth will don an electronic skin.
It will use the Internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations

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What about standards.. policies and legal implications

by natalie.maharaj In reply to Future of IOT application ...

I can imagine the world.. so many futuristic movies have included this concept.
But I can also imagine the chaos if international laws and international policy / standards are not implemented BEFORE this technology becomes common place.
There will always be those parties out there who want to test limits, and break them.

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