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Future of Network Administrators

By mcccorp1 ·
Hello, I'm new here. I have a question? I have been out of the arena for 4 years now and been doing some basic networking, server & computer things. Just recently I have been trying to get back into the field and find that what employers are asking for is ridiculous. For example: Sorry that I had to paste all of this but it really explains my point!!!! Does a person like this exist??? Continuing at the bottom

? 5 years of experience in system design, deployment and administration and least 2 years in a Senior Systems Administrator role.
? Responsible for ensuring solid and functioning builds of complex financial applications from an infrastructure standpoint.
? Responsible for the administration, setup, maintenance and fine tuning of Operating Systems, Application Servers (WebLogic, Jboss, Apache, .Net/IIS, Tomcat, etc) as
? well as all related functions, including (but not limited to) Load Balancing, Firewalls, Redundancy, etc.
? Provide top-tier support for any issues above the operating system not handled by the infrastructure team.
? Strong knowledge and experience (setup, administration) with Application Servers (WebLogic, Jboss, Apache, .net/IIS, etc)
? Strong working knowledge of Linux, UNIX Solaris and Windows systems.
? Strong knowledge of Database Systems (SQL Server)
? Experience with BEA Weblogic v8 and v9 installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
? Working knowledge of Java, J2EE applications and web services.
? Understanding of networking principles including OSI Model, TCP/IP, DNS, Load balancing, clustering and firewalls.
? Must possess excellent communication, analytical and troubleshooting skills
? Strong ability to assess complex situations, set priorities and implement action plans

I have a background in A+,MCSE & CCNA. I?m strong in hardware, software and operating systems and servers; with ccna I have the understanding but not the experience. My personality and character can learn quickly if given the opportunity. What can I do????? PLEASE provide me with answers.

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Could be HR

by KSoniat In reply to Future of Network Adminis ...

If you search other threads here there have many issues brought up with non-techies hiring techies.

Including the laundry list which is impossible or years of experience beyond the length of time the language has been available.

Don't give up - in this economy it will take longer than it used to, but if you persevere you will most likely find a suitable position.

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by mcccorp1 In reply to Could be HR

Wow. Thats all I needed to get me back on the horse. lol. Someone needs to fix the mess of these non-techie hiring and even managing techies. I just can't understand the stupidy (sorry). I have been presevering and will continue to do so. Anymore advices would be apprecaited. Anyone know what more can de done. Where can I submit my resume? Where can start????

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Everything you ever wanted.....

by shasca In reply to THANK YOU

Read this legendary thread. It will give you all kinds of insight.

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Do you have a job currently?

by KSoniat In reply to Future of Network Adminis ...

I ask because "Find Great People" will only place those who already have a job. (not smart especially in this economy). covers all the biggies: Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. specializes in IT.

Check for large recruiters in your area they will usually have their jobs posted only on their sites.

Are you on Linked-In?

Have you let your previous IT peers know you are back in the game?

Good Luck!

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by mcccorp1 In reply to Do you have a job current ...

Hello and thank you for the advice. I didn't understand this part, ""Find Great People" will only place those who already have a job. (not smart especially in this economy)."

I did have a job just finished and I'm now back in the market.

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FGP = Recruitment Company

by KSoniat In reply to Hello

If you do not currently hold a job (for whatever reason - laid off, quit, fired, between gigs) FGP will NOT present you.

That is such a large portion of the looking workforce now that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Some very qualified people are out of work now. I find it to be a "random" decision on their part.

But they won't tell you that directly.

After my 8 year gap FGP had a position that was a good match for me. The recruiter said the "gap" was the issue for the employer. Another contact got me in, and I interviewed twice and made it to the final two. The interviewer IT Manager) used to be a stay-at-home mom herself and had no issues with it!!!

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Honestly, this isn't that unreasonable of a JD

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Future of Network Adminis ...

It seems that they're looking for someone from a larger scale environment, where you'd probably hit on just about everything being asked on this job description.

The last position I was the hiring manager for had about 90% of the same requirements, and I saw plenty of resumes that would have been sufficient for this posting. Of course, what a resume says and what the performance says are not always one-n-the-same!

That all being said, keep the chin up, chest out, smile bright, and resumes flowing. In the current economy, you'll likely encounter 20 setbacks for every sniff you get. So, spray the resume to as many potential employers as reasonable, and work (hope has nothing to do with it) for the best.

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I am not unreasonable at all!

by jdclyde In reply to Honestly, this isn't that ...

how dare you even imply..... ;\

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