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Future of Telecom companies into Datacom

By jai_shankar_98 ·
Now a days the telecom Companies are comming in big ways into data communication business like Alcatel,Lucent, Ericsson. What's the future of these companies and how it will effect the existing pure data com companies like Cisco, 3com etc?

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What is a PBX

by ron.brasier In reply to Future of Telecom compani ...

If we consider a PBX to be sitting on the edge of the telephone network; it might be deemed an edge router and a terminal concentrator with a programmable user interface. Telecoms have been working in this arena for a long time and understand it well.
As we consider the voice and data covergance, VPNs and VoIP; it is possible that Data Comm entities (like Cisco and 3Com) may find them selves filling the role of Data Utility providers. This is the same role that companies like Ameritech and GTE play in the Voice world. I forsee this being quite a challange for these network centric companies.
The Nortels, Ericksons et. al. would then still be the edge routers providing programable interfaces to terminal devices.
Although the media and devices have changed; the core compatancies required will be not much changed.

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by utopia1278 In reply to What is a PBX

do you feel the installers of voice and data will pick up again, or will slowly fade away?

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