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Future Of The Desktop

By Big Brother ·
I want to place a pretty general question to everyone as part of report I am putting together for a small business course here in Australia.

What is the future for the Desktop PC ?
Where do we go from here - can we see a quantum leap in technology in the near future.

You can e-mail me at or post comments here. I'd be interested to se how much diversity we can come up with



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Desktop future

by JLCicchino In reply to Future Of The Desktop

The future of the desktop will probably be the same as it is today, supplying users with the latest, fastest, most feature-rich and usable systems available for home or business use. I had wondered many years ago if the notebook PC would eventuallyreplace the desktop, since the overall performance wasn't that far behind that of the desktops, and offered space savings and portability unmatched by desktop systems. Docking stations added a similar usability to portables as well. Unfortunately,it seems that the latest innovations and upgrades will always appear for desktops first, probably due to the inherent difficulties in designing components for notebooks/laptops. Space is obviously the greatest problem in designing notebook components as they have to be smaller and much more efficiently packaged than desktop versions. Power consumption and heat dissipation are other hurdles portables have to face. Look inside a desktop and you will find about 75-80% of the space is unused. Component designers have enough of a challenge just trying to improve the performance and architecture relative to todays systems without having to worry about packaging/power concerns.
Thus, the desktop PC will be around (and predominant) well into the future, regardless of the features portable designers incorporate into thier designs to try and make them as usable and feature-rich as the desktops. (docking stations, port replicators, etc.) People will ALWAYS want the most power they canget, especially with the new applications becoming more and more complex and demanding.

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by keithmole In reply to Desktop future

It's always to get a repl JL, especially when some thought is put into it. Thanks.

Do you think the increasing use of remote storage and it's support and security run by ISP's or Telcos, will have a major effect on what we will be buying in the future.

What I'm hinting at is with the need for a front end device only - be it phone, PDA internet TV, or desktop may se some radical change in the cost if not the design ?

thanks for the input.


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