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Fuzzy logic and distributed database

By ack591 ·
Hi all,
I am not familiar with fuzzy logic and its importance. I know it is related to query probability. How does it impact on the development of distributed database?
any reply is always welcome..

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Fuzzy Logic (in a VERY small nutshell)

by jmgarvin In reply to Fuzzy logic and distribut ...

Fuzzy logic is NOT probability! This is a common misconception, but will cause you no end of pain trying to understand it...

The essence of fuzzy logic is set membership. If I have sets A, B, and C, I need to decide the "amount" of membership each has.

Let's take cruise control in your car for example. The cruise control is based off of fuzzy inputs. Is my speed increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same? Given that each "set" is seperate, but somewhat joined, we can have a very slightly increasing speed, that is close enough to remaining the same. What this means is that we have a degree of membership between 0 and 1 (an infinite set) and this degree determines what the logic controller will do.

For a slightly more clear and less kludgy explaination try:

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by ack591 In reply to Fuzzy Logic (in a VERY sm ...

Yes, i do know the membership definition...I was refering to the membership between the 1 and 0...

Anyway..may be I should rephrase my does flexible query affect distributed database?

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A big question

by jmgarvin In reply to reply

I think the best answer I can give you is:
It depends.

It depends on the query size, the fuzziness and definition of the sets and so forth.

In general, it usually speeds queries on highly complex data sets and can usually aid the user in finding difficult to find data. With that being said, what are you trying to query? Are you sure it is fuzzy? If it doesn't fuzzify well, you'll kill your search speeds.

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