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    FVS318v3 to sonicwall VPN


    by smayberry ·

    I have a FVS318v3 router VPN appliance connecting to a Sonicwall Soho3. I can establish the VPN and ping IPs just fine. However the clients on the remote end (FVS318v3) do not get any name resolution, nor are able to open any shares. The clients are already part of the domain yet when trying to connect to the shares I get an authentication prompt that fails regardless of the credentials put in. I can fix the name resolution with the hosts file, but I need to figure out what is causing the authentication to die. I thought perhaps some ports were blocked, but unsure.

    In a typical site to site setup, do you need to have an AD server on the remote side and replication AD information, or will be current situation work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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      by smayberry ·

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      VPN setup help

      by smicale ·

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      I saw your post on tech republic and I was wondering if you can give me some help in configuring a VPN between FVS318v3 and a Sonicwall router. I read a article on Netgears website saying the v3 netgear router is not compatible with the sonicwall. Sounds like you have it working somewhat.


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        VPN setup

        by chris.mulhall ·

        In reply to VPN setup help

        Hi. I was wondering if anyone has documented how this is schived? I am in the same situation.


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