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FW: email from one specific account to another go into a blackhole

By rebeccap ·
I have two users, we will call them User1 and User2 for the our discussion...
When user1 forwards a message to user2 it never arrives to user2, neither their Blackberry or their Outlook account. I checked for the message on the exchange server and it shows that it was delivered to user2, but alas it never arrives. I have checked the rules and everything else but cannot figure out why messages are not getting through. Now here is the kicker - New Messages and replies from user1 to user2 show up just fine. AND If user1 forwards a message to any other user such as user3 it it delivered without issue.

WHAT could possibly be causing this scenario?

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Something is a miss here..

Either the Blackberry does not like the email :) or your server is doing what it is programmed to do. But i would check your server and the Blackberry really good. It just does not add up, new emails are ok but replies are not!. Very fishy.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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