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    fwb file restore- disk partitioned in internal HD


    by dr. arun ·

    I have the same case as many who have mentioned it. They have made references to Troy having solved the problem.
    1. I did a back-up with f11 restore
    2. self created MINWINPC folder with subfolder Backup and two files and 2. backup.fwb.
    3. my problem: the files are not being recovered.
    3. My wory. Loss of files from the desk top and the MS-outlook.
    4. How do i recover it. Note: i have stored the file as a backup in the internal HDD as a partitioned and stored in the D drive.

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      Who the heck is Troy?

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to fwb file restore- disk partitioned in internal HD

      You mean you did a factory reset from the recovery partition? You can do backups with this?

      These backups reside in a partition D:\minwinpc\backup?

      Recovery: I’m thinking that the only way to get these back ( they aren’t files you can open) is to restore them with whatever backup software you have used in the first place. If it was like “Dell Recovery”, then you boot that or access it from the Start menu, do what you did before, and restore rather than back up.

      Edit: Ah. I found the other thread you had posted in, and now I know who is this Troy to whome you refer.

      Not sure about the numbering thing, but you are using the restore functions from the recovery partition? If so, how does this fail? What behavior? What error message (including a related message in event logs)?

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        @seanferd- Thanks for the Reply- Clearer solutions requested.

        by dr. arun ·

        In reply to Who the heck is Troy?

        I would very much appreciate your valuable assistance in further clarifying on the solution provided by you.
        1. I am basically a Biotech Professional so have little knowledge on the systems side especially the hard ware.
        2. Question: Do I have the possibility of recovering the data (the note pad file named bioages, WWS, OGA)?
        3.I am not sure of whihc software i used for the back-up. But it was a default of the Hp Pavilion laptop tx 1218 au model.(india)

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