G-5 Macintosh BSOD (Black Screen Of Death)

By brifd1 ·
I installed Leopard a few months ago, had Tiger before that. Unfortunately a month or so ago, I started getting the BSOD. It seems to have to do with leaving the machine idle for more than a couple of minutes. This theory was consistent until today, when after using the computer most of the day and having some inactivity, no BSOD. New user, me, and blam! BSOD. Shut off computer. Restart. Didn't even make it to the login screen. Computer froze, new situation. Extensive message that appeared in white text, black background for the text and any spaces within text, but not in front of indented text. The gist seemed to do with the kernel. I did have a problem with an install of Dave that was apparently a previous version, and in trying to eradicate that-I was getting an information prompt about a kernel, I wonder if I deleted a file in error. However, outside of reinstalling OS 10.5 - or waiting until Snow Leopard is released - I can't locate a list of kernel files to prove/disprove my theory, nor can I see the possibility of installing just any missing files. Meanwhile, my copy of 10.4 is AWOL and may take some time to find. Any ideas?

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RE: "copy of 10.4 is AWOL" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to G-5 Macintosh BSOD (Black ...

AWOL ? - how did that happen?
COPY ? - Are we talking 'copy' here or just bad usage of english?

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RE: Any Ideas?

by OH Smeg In reply to G-5 Macintosh BSOD (Black ...

Depends on how much time you have to waste.

If there is not a lot of time to waste playing with this just reinstall the OS 10.4 here.

If you have heaps of time to waste swap out the HDD load the OS and make a list of the Kernel Files used there then replace the HDD with the Corrupt One and copy the Files from the other HDD which you have by now fitted to a USB Caddy. May not work but at least you will have wasted days if not weeks of your companies time.


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