Gaining access to our wired network via someone else's wireless

By servnetllc ·
The Situation:
We try to keep our network locked down, but recently found a vulnerability. Although we do not allow wireless in our office, we found that some of our employees who have company laptops, use their computer at home with wireless networks (e.g. SSI Linksys). Thus, when they forget to turn their wireless off at the office, they sometimes get auto connected to someone else's network called Linksys. When this happens, they are connected via wired connection to our network AND wirelessly to someone else's unsecured network.

My Concern:
A hacker could connect to the unsecured network (Linksys), gain control of an employees laptop and have access to our secured network, thus gaining access to servers, files, and more computers.

I know this is one of those unlikely situations, but I would like to keep our network as secure as possible.

How can I either configure each laptop to only connect to ONE network at a time (which the hacker could disable if he knew what he was doing), or control the number of hops on my Untangle router/firewall? I think this would be possible with a managed, switch, but I am hoping for an alternative solution without purchasing a new switch.

The Network Setup:
(1) Untangle router/firewall
(1) Linksys 24 port unmanaged switch
(1) T1
(7) Desktops/Laptops
Wired only

I greatly appreciate your time and resources,


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by servnetllc In reply to See this link from Micros ...

Thanks for the comment. We do not have AD though. Our servers and firewall are running distros of Linux. Any other thoughts?

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I meant...

by cmiller5400 In reply to No AD

In the last post in the link I posted, it pointed to a product -->

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