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By Tyharo ·
I have been looking around and trying to research servers because I have been hosting online games via IP connection, that means opening certain ports in my network. The problem is my online game would become laggy after around 3 or 4 people joined, so this kind of made me angry when I wanted to play a game only with my friends with a certain game mode, ect.. (Game: Grays mod). So my question is, how could i fix this? would I have to upgrade my internet, buy a server, build a serve? Also I have a laptop laying around around going to no use, its a gateway laptop thats running vista thats decent exept the graphics card.
I would appreciate it if someone would help me and maybe give me a few pointers.

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A little more info...

by otaku_lord In reply to Game Server

What kind of internet connection are you using? What kind of throughput? What are you using for a gateway?

Need a little more information to see what might be tweeked...

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OK first things first I'm certainly no Expert on Gaming but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Game Server

If these 3 or 4 fiends are connecting over the Internet you need to look at your ISP Speed for Uploads.

If the people on line are attempting to access more data than can be comfortably transmitted quickly there will be time delays due to the slow speed of the Upload required by the game.

As for using a NB as a Server that may work but all NB's are designed to be Mobile so that sacrifice things like in your Case Video for battery life. As it's very hard to make any major changes to a NB they are Limited in what they are capable of doing and if you try to exceed this limit you are in for a world of Disappointment.

Also most current NB's can not carry that much RAM so you will be limited in it's ability to successfully Host something that is Intensive. Sure a 32 Bit OS can not use more than about 3.25 GIG of Total System Memory but most NB's can not carry more than about 4 GIG of RAM anyway which is too little for most current Game Servers. I've seen a couple of high End Game Servers running 64 Bit OS's and a minimum of 16 GIG of RAM.

But even if you have a over the top Server it's still going to be limited to the Upload Speed of your ISP which is the slowest part of the system.

Of course if these players are all Local on the LAN the limiting factor will be the speed of the Network so moving the Internal LAN to Gigabit Speeds may be required. Of course if the NB's that you are using has a 10/100 T Base Ethernet Connection that will be too slow for the Game that it's hosting and it's not possible to change this on a NB.


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by Tyharo In reply to Game Server

Well im connected to our network via wifi and we are running high end dsl.Im not sure what else you may need.

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Well what is the speed of the WiFi?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet

You realize that it's slower than a Wired Connection and if you are running WEP, WAP or anything like that the Excretion takes up a lot of that Bandwidth between the WiFi Access Point and the local Computer. That in itself will slow things down.

As for the High End DSL what is the Upload Speed? Not the Download Speed but the Upload is the important bit here. If the download was 20 MPS and the upload is 125 KPS when you start to add more players over the Net there will be lags involved.


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by Tyharo In reply to Well what is the speed of ...

Sorry i haven't been replying, ive been over wheal med lately.
well we have an upload speed of about 1mbps
and a download of 5 or more mbps.

I also think i have figured out the problem. The one thing i have been forgetting was the software. Every game has a dedicated server software and upon researching some i have found the ports to open and the server software.
thanks for trying to help but i believe i have got worked.
thanks again

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