Game wont save on hard drive after I do this certain thing.

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Hello there, So I have super slow internet where I currently live and it takes a god awful amount of time to download video games, Well I do have a friend who has insanely fast speeds and I wanna take my hard drive over plug it into HIS PC and download the games i need from there onto my hard drive and come home and play. The only issue here is when I get home the game isnt on the hard drive anymore. Almost like it never downloaded, This has caused me to just take my entire tank of a PC over to his house to do this. Is there anyway where I can get this to work? I really would love to take just my Hard drive over download what I need and for it to still be there when I plug it back into MY PC
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Is this external drive or internal?

by abby1991 In reply to Game wont save on hard dr ...

Firstly, is it an external drive that you used to download the games or you took out the internal drive from your system and connect that in your friend's system??

Well, there might be chances that it doesn't download in that drive or else after connecting in some other computer system its settings may got changed.

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