Games are lagging with new setup, please help

By smh21 ·
I upgraded my PC recently, the specs are:
Motherboard: H510M S2H rev 1
CPU: i3 10100f
RAM: 2 x Geil EVO Potenza 8GB DDR4 RAM 3200Mhz
PSU: MWE 650 White
and even in a game like Strongholds Warlords which is not heavy for these specs, I'm barely getting 40~50 FPS on low settings with 1360x768 resolution, and Battlefield V is completely unplayable it runs
on 10~30 FPS!!!
I have all of the motherboards drivers installed, the graphics driver is also up to date
I've tried reinstalling the graphics driver multiple times with DDU
I've switched my RAM's slot, unplugged and replugged my GPU, didn't fix it
tried reinstalling windows too
I'm actually so upset that I can't use the new setup properly, it's been 2 weeks now
does anybody know how to fix this? please help (((


And this is the Hwinfo64 app running in the background while running BFV:

Strongholds Warlords: (Ultra settings with 1360x768 resolution)
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Userbenchmark seems to call out your build at 47 FPS for Bat 5.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Games are lagging with ne ...


So your build is performing as expected. You should continue to turn down settings as much as you can.

I see some fine GRASS texture on your pictures so these examples do not tell me you are on the lowest settings and options yet.

Finally, if you have a HDD, that can impact it too.

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My previous setup had weaker specs but had higher fps than this

by smh21 In reply to Userbenchmark seems to ca ...

My previous setup had i5 3570s, 12GB Ram ddr3, H61M-E, ATX330 PSU, but was running this game way smoother than this, this fps is not even the normal 30 fps, there's a tremendous lag going on in the background
here's the link for the comparison between i3 10100f and i5 3570s:

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Still could be

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My previous setup had wea ...

Settings or the usual HDD impact. The FPS looks to be what was expected BUT you may be seeing extreme drops in FPS which has many causes. If it had one or two causes someone would tell you.

Share a WEB SPECCY LINK (report) so I can check for a bad HDD and more.

Again, the game picture you shared looked like it had the details set too high.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Games are lagging with ne ...

Let's see that PC's SPECCY WEB REPORT.

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by Old Molases In reply to Games are lagging with ne ...

Keep an eye on the temperatures of your setup. GPU, CPU cores etc. Rising temps can be problematic.

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