Games crash new pc build

By insanemaniac1 ·
Cpu:AMD ryzen 5 3600
Mobo:Gigabyte x570 gaming x
Ram:2x8gb ram corsair
Gpu:Gigabyte geforce gtx 1650 windforce
Ssd: samsung 500gb
Psu:evga supernova 650g+

So I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this problem out. My games keep crashing randomly. Sometimes its after just a couple minutes and theres been times I've been able to play for a few hours. Although lately it hasnt made it more then half an hour before crashing. When it crashes the screen usually goes all white and the sound freezes. I have to manually shutdown and restart the computer.

All the parts are brand new and all drivers are up to date. I took back the gpu and swapped it for another brand new one and still same problem. I ran memtest on the ram with 0 errors. I originally had the corsair cx650m and swapped to the brand new evga, still crashes. I've completely formatted the ssd and reinstalled windows 10 and all the drivers, still same issues.

I just dont understand, I've run multiple stress tests and nothing will cause the computer to crash until I try a game. The games I have are cs go, star craft 2 and apex legends. Cs and sc will crash every time whereas apex hasnt ever crashed for me. I haven't played it that much though because for some reason origin thinks I'm offline.
Anyways if anyways can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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