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My family owns a small internet cafe which has seen a rise in popularity due to the recent addition of gaming computers. Before this, the business used software similar to that of deep freeze to control and maintain the computers. However with the new addition of 10+ gaming computers its quite a hassle to update the games regularly or install new games/applications on each computer.

This has led me to CCBoot. Despite the expensive monthly subscription, it is a very useful software that allows myself to create a master image and pxe boot this image across to all the gaming computers. Which means I only have to make adjustments to the one master image. On that front, the image capture /deployment works perfect to my initial need. But I have noticed in one game in particular, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, there seems to be an issue where in the early stages of the game where the player parachutes down into the game, the buildings either fail to render or are too slow leaving the player stuck in-between the buildings or just frozen entirely. This game is hugely popular but still in early access therefore a quick fix doesn't look likely. I have taken out the SSD's out from the gaming computers as CCBoot uses a diskless design. But as expected, the performance is not as good as having a locally stored SSD.

Which brings me to the idea of having not having the diskless setup but instead being able to create a master image and deploy it to the each SSD's in the gaming computers.

This way I am able to efficiently update or install on the master image, deploy the image to the gaming computers while retaining that SSD performace.

Is there a software/program that will enable me to do this? Or is there a better alternative?

Many thanks.

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