Gaming Lags

By raleigh_dc ·
These are my computer specs:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual Core 2.80Ghz
1.5 GB RAM
ATI Radeon X1650-AGP (512MB)
C drive IDE - 40GB (10.6GB free space)
E drive IDE - 40GB (2.26GB free space)
F drive SATA - 80GB (4.46 GB free space)
G drive SATA - 250GB (152 GB free space)

I love playing games. And recently, I installed my ATI Radeon X1650 graphics card. Instead of increasing the performance of my game (DOTA), the result was not expected. I now experience lagging when playing. Is there any reason why this happened?

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Not sure but

by Slayer_ In reply to Gaming Lags

I am reading reviews and

I know there is a 7600 in my laptop, if that's what you bought for power comparison, I got to wonder what you are trying to play. It also makes me wonder if you accidentally downgraded cards...
-Edit, I just noticed you said DOTA, I assume that's a game name?
is this it?

So unless you can give a bit more information on your circumstances,

if we assume this card:
Is capable of running the game you want to run.
Is in fact an update from your old card.

And we assume the game in question ran on the old card.

Its possible you are using your old cards drivers to run the new card. Make sure you delete all your video drivers before installing the new ones. You can accomplish this through device manager. Delete all your display drivers, restart your computer, don't let windows auto detect the display, and install the new drivers.

Let us know if you need help with this.

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My old Card

by raleigh_dc In reply to Not sure but

Yes, Its Defense of the Ancients. An expansion of Warcraft Frozen Throne. My old card was GForce FX5500 -AGP (258MB,DDR1).
-Before I installed the new card, I followed the instructions of its manual. However, am not sure if its possible that the old drivers are still on my hard drive. I used the DVD included in the package. Is it the drivers?

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Is this a 2D game?

by Slayer_ In reply to Gaming Lags

I just googled that DOTA name I found.
128 MB RAM, 8 MB Video RAM, 550 MB disk space

Sounds 2D?

if so, I would not be surprised if it runs like crap, modern video cards have a hard time with the older directX. I noticed this especially bad on every nVidia card I've used 8000series +, I never tried an ATI card but it would not be hard to believe it true. The last one I used was a x600 in my school laptop... which did a terrible job in 2D games, but it performed well in 3D games and particularly liked OpenGL games. It did well in DX3 and DX4 games, fell on its face in DX7 games. By that I mean it was almost in second per frame it was so bad...

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I see

by raleigh_dc In reply to Is this a 2D game?

So, you mean to say that its just normal that DOTA will lag because of my new card? Yes, I think its a 2D game.

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Unfortunately it's not enough to list the Video Cards Chip Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gaming Lags

The Amount of RAM on it as well as the OS that it is working with are also required.

As you are running a ATI Radeon X1650 AGP Card the features of the Chip Set are

Radeon? X1650 PRO AGP- Overview
Experience all the features of a high-end graphics card with the Radeon? X1650 PRO. Play the latest games, watch sharp digital video and do more with Microsoft?s new Windows Vista? operating system1. Display images and photos in a billion more colors than competing graphics cards2 and watch high-definition content on your PC.

Superior Gaming Performance and Image Quality
Power you games with superior graphics technology and 512 MB DDR2 memory
Immerse yourself in photorealistic game play with HDR and anti-aliasing effects
Play the latest games with no-compromise performance and image quality
Watch Stunning, High-Definition Video on Your PC
Make your photos burst with a billion more colors2
Watch stunning HD video with industry leading playback quality3
Connect to multiple monitors or large wide screen displays
A Premium Windows Vista Premium Experience3
Unleash the visual power in Windows Vista? PCs
Enjoy the Windows Aero? 3D desktop with stunning visuals
Accelerate system navigation and efficiently handle multiple applications

1 On PCs configured to Microsoft Windows Vista? Premium system requirements, this product supports the Premium
Windows Aero? User Experience within: Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista
Business, Windows Vista Enterprise. Details at windowsvista.com/getready
2 The Radeon? X1650 PRO can display 1.07 billion colors when attached to 10-bit displays
3 The Radeon X1650 XT earned a score of 123 in HQV benchmark tests, one of the highest video performance scores
in the industry. Test system: AMD 4200+ 1GB DDR2 Catalyst 6.6 (8.26) drivers. Some digital content protection
schemes may not be supported by all product variants

Without knowing what the M'Board that this is plugged into as well as how much RAM is on it, it is impossible to even guess what is happening here. But as it is AGP you need to look at the Speed of the AGP Port on the M'Board if it is 1X or 2X and you have a 16X AGP Card then I wouldn't expect it to work as well as a 2X card that was previously fitted. Mater of fact I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't fit into the M'Boards Socket. A 8X AGP Card will function much better in a 8X Socket than a 16X Card could.


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My M'board

by raleigh_dc In reply to Unfortunately it's not en ...

I have an ASUS P5PEVM motherboard. Unfortunately, I have a hard time understanding your advice as I am quite a newbie when it comes to technicalities. (# of pins, etc) My previous Card was GForce FX5500 -AGP (258MB, DDR1). Any more advice? Thank you!

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